Journal of Photosciences

Effects of Oxygen on the Photochemical Behaviors of Methacrylic Homopolymer Containing Anthracene Groups

Volume 9(2002), 57-64 page

저자: Yong Woon Kim and Kyu Ho Chae

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Keywords: photosensitive polymer  anthracene homopolymer  photodimerization  photooxidation

A homopolymer containing anthracene groups, poly[6-(9-anthryloxy)hexyl methacrylate] (PAn) was prepared and the effect of oxygen on its photochemical reaction was studied by UV and IR absorption spectroscopy in order to understand its photochemical behavior.
Photochemical reaction of the PAn in THF solution under an atmosphere of air resulted in the formation of endoperoxide at the beginning stage of reaction followed by photodimerization reaction after all the oxygen was consumed, whereas photodimerization and endoperoxide formation took place concomitantly in the film state.
The photoreversible reaction of the anthracene photodimer groups in the polymer by photolysis with 254 nm UV light was not efficient.
The IR absorption spectral changes of the PAn film upon irradiation indicate that various photooxidation products were produced in the atmosphere of air.