Journal of Photosciences

Estimation of photosynthetic light use efficiency in a single leaf by analyzing narrow-band spectral reflectance

Volume 7(2000), 139-142 page

저자: Kyehong Suh

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Keywords: narrow band  spectral reflectance  photosynthesis  light use efficiency

To examine applicability of some optical indices from reflectance to estimate photosynthetic light use efficiency, photosynthesis, and narrow band spectral reflectance were simultaneously measured at various intensities of light with mongolian oak leaves.
Narrow band of the broad-band NDVI was better than photochemical reflectance index and simple ratio to estimate photosynthetic light use efficiency in this study.
Changes in spectral reflectance were detected at several wavelengths (540 nm, 690 nm, 740 nm, and 800 nm) associated with physiological status of plant leaves that could be components for new optical indices.