Journal of Photosciences

Photochromism of A Styrene-Derived Polymer Having Pendant Phenoxyanthraquinones

Volume 7(2000), 131-133 page

저자: Sang Yong Ju, Kwang-Duk Ahn, Dong Keun Han, Dong Hack Suh and Jong-Man Kim

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Keywords: Photochromism  Polymer  Phenoxyanthraquinone

A Styrene-derived polymer having pendent phenoxyanthraquinones for photochromism was prepared by AIBN-initiated radical polymerization.
Synthesis of the monomers was straightforward and the polymer was obtained in 65% yield.
Photoinduced rearrangement from the “trans” quinone forms to the “ana” quinone forms readily occurred both in solution and in film when the polymer was irradiated with UV light.