Journal of Photosciences

Preparation of a Fluoroionophore Based on Porphyrin-Crown Ether

Volume 11(2004), 83-87 page

저자: Eun Ju Shin and Hyun-Suk Jung

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Keywords: porphyrin  crown ether  fluoroionophore  cation recognition

A porphyrin compound containing a crown ether moiety (Por-Crown) and its zinc complex (ZnPor-Crown) have been prepared and the effect of the addition of alkali metal on their fluorescence has been investigated. As alkali metal cations were added, the absorption and fluorescence maxima did not change. However, the absorbance and intensity of fluorescence increased dramatically. Among the alkali metal cations tested, addition of K+ and Cs+ showed strongest enhancement of absorbance and fluorescence intensity of Por-Crown and ZnPor-Crown.