Journal of Photosciences

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Volume 9(2002)


Recent Advances in Di-p-methane Processes. Novel Reactions of 1,4-Unsaturated Compounds Promoted by Triplet Sensitization and Photoelectron Transfer

저자 Diego Armesto, Maria J. Ortiz and Antonia R. Agarrabeitia
저널 9-20 page 파일 10-1-9.pdf(187.0K)
키워드 Di-p-methane rearrangements  Single electron transfer  Radical-cations  Radical-anions  Cyclopropanes  Vinylaziridines


Solubilization by b-Cyclodextrin: A Fluorescence Quenching Study

저자 M. Panda and A. K. Mishra
저널 75-79 page 파일 9-3-75.pdf(87.1K)
키워드 solubilization  fluorescence quenching  inclusion complex  quenching sphere of action


Fluorescence Tuning Using Conjugated Aromatic Imine Systems

저자 Ki-Hwan Lee, Chang-Shik Choi and Ki-Seok Jeon
저널 71-74 page 파일 9-3-71.pdf(63.9K)
키워드 fluorescence tuning  one-pot condensation reaction  conjugated aromatic imine derivatives


Decrease of Photochemical Efficiency Induced by Methyl Viologen in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Leaves is Partly due to the Down-Regulation of PSII

저자 Jin-Hong Kim and Choon-Hwan Lee
저널 65-70 page 파일 9-3-65.pdf(119.8K)
키워드 methyl viologen  chlorophyll fluorescence  down-regulation of PSII  reversible photoinactivation  dark-recovery  photosynthesis


Effects of Oxygen on the Photochemical Behaviors of Methacrylic Homopolymer Containing Anthracene Groups

저자 Yong Woon Kim and Kyu Ho Chae
저널 57-64 page 파일 9-3-57.pdf(110.7K)
키워드 photosensitive polymer  anthracene homopolymer  photodimerization  photooxidation


Electronic Spectroscopy and Ligand Field Analysis of mer-[Cr(progly)(2,2-tri)]ClO4

저자 Jong-Ha Choi
저널 51-56 page 파일 9-3-51.pdf(106.0K)
키워드 Chromium(III)  prolylglycinate  electronic transitions  ligand field properties


Mutation, DNA Strand Cleavage and Nitric Oxide Formation Caused by N-nitrosoproline with UVA & UVB

저자 Sakae Arimoto-Kobayashi, Yoshiko Ando, Yumi Horai, Keinosuke Okamoto, Hikoya Hayatsu and Michael H. L. Green
저널 49-50 page 파일 9-3-49.pdf(32.0K)
키워드 N-Nitrosoproline  UVA  UVB  Mutation  NO formation  8-oxodG  Carcinogenic risk


Photodynamic Therapy-Mediated Temporal Expression of Thymidine Kinase Genes Ligated to the Human Heat Shock Promotor: Preliminary in vitro Model Study of Enhanced Phototoxicity by PDT-Induced Gene Therapy

저자 Mo-Sun Kim, Tae-An Kim and Jong-Ki Kim
저널 41-44 page 파일 9-3-41.pdf(111.5K)
키워드 PDT  heat shock protein-70 promoter  thymidine kinase  gene therapy


Radiation Biology in Space; DNA Damage and Biological Effects of Space Radiation

저자 Takeo Ohnishi, Akihisa Takahashi and Ken Ohnishi
저널 37-40 page 파일 9-3-37.pdf(47.7K)
키워드 space radiation  low dose-rate  high linear energy transfer radiations  relative biological effectiveness


Heme Oxygenase Expression in Skin of Hairless Mouse Using Ultraviolet A (320-400 nm) Radiation as an Inducer

저자 Munif Allanson and Vivienne E Reeve
저널 33-36 page 파일 9-3-33.pdf(57.7K)
키워드 heme oxygenase  RT-PCR  in situ hybridisation  skin  UVA
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