Journal of Photosciences

Total 33

Volume 10(2003)


Photoluminescence Tuning of Porous Silicon by Electrochemical Etching in Mixed Electrolytes

저자 Ki-Hwan Lee, Ki-Seok Jeon, Seung-Koo Lee and Chang-Shik Choi
저널 257-261 page 파일 10-3-257.pdf(159.5K)
키워드 porous silicon  photoluminescence tuning  etching solution


An approach to Photorefractive Device Fabrication Utilizing Crosslinking Systems

저자 Sang Chul Suh, Sang Chul Shim, and Dong Jin Yoo
저널 251-255 page 파일 10-3-251.pdf(75.0K)
키워드 Photorefractivity  Crosslinking  Poling  Composite


Cloning and characterization of the psbA Gene from Panax ginseng (Characterization of the psbA Gene from P. ginseng)

저자 Won-Kyu Lee and Gun-Sik Tae
저널 245-249 page 파일 10-3-245.pdf(144.3K)
키워드 psbA  photosystem II  Panax ginseng  transcription  light intensity


Photochemical Ring-Opening of Acid Anhydrides by TiO2 Photocatalyst in Methanol

저자 Sung Sik Kim, Yoon Jung Mah, Hye Jong Lee, and Sang Kyu Park
저널 241-243 page 파일 10-3-241.pdf(50.4K)
키워드 TiO2  succinic anhydride  phthalic anhydride  maleic anhydride  photoreacton


Specific Targeting of Fluorescein Isothiocyanate with Ep-CAM Antibody (Specific targeting of FITC with Ep-CAM Antibody)

저자 Young-Tae Lee and Gun-Sik Tae
저널 237-240 page 파일 10-3-237.pdf(115.2K)
키워드 photosensitizer  photodynamic therapy  Ep-CAM antibody  FITC


Photocatalytic effects of heteropolytungstic acid - encapsulated TiSBA-15 on decomposition of phenol in water

저자 Sambandam Anandan, Minjoong Yoon, and Sang-Eon Park
저널 231-236 page 파일 10-3-231.pdf(104.7K)
키워드 TiSBA-15  Heteropolyacid  Photocatalytic reaction  Phenol


Fluorescence quenching of 5-methyl-3-phenyl-2-[s-oxadiazol-2'-thione- 5'-yl] indole by CCl4 and aniline in different solvents

저자 H. M. Suresh Kumar, R. S. Kunabenchi, J. S. Biradar, N. N. Math, and J. S. Kadadevaramath
저널 225-229 page 파일 10-3-225.pdf(75.4K)
키워드 Indole  Fluorescence  Quenching  Stern-Volmer plot  Activation energy  Material diffusion


Relationship between Singlet Oxygen Formation and Photolysis of Phloxine B in Aqueous Solutions

저자 Young Soo Keum, Jeong Han Kim, and Qing Xiao Li
저널 219-223 page 파일 10-3-219.pdf(81.2K)
키워드 Xanthene dye  insecticide  singlet oxygen  phloxine B


Intense Pulsed Light Was Effective for Solar Lentigines and Ephelides

저자 Hiroko Kameyama, Akira Kawada, Yoshiko Sangen, Tsukasa Wakano, Yoshinori Aragane, and Tadashi Tezuka
저널 217-218 page 파일 10-2-217.pdf(26.8K)
키워드 intense pulsed light  solar lentigines  ephelides


Determination of UVA Protection Factor with SPEX SkinSkan

저자 Akira Kawada, Hiroko Kameyam, Yoshiko Sangen, Yoshinori Aragane, Tadashi Tezuka, and Ikuko Hamagami
저널 215-216 page 파일 10-2-215.pdf(22.0K)
키워드 sunscreen  UVA  protection
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