Journal of Photosciences

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Singlet Oxygen Quenching by Deoxygadusol and Related Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids from Phytoplankton Prorocentrum micans

저자 Hwa-Jin Suh, Hyun-Woo Lee, and Jin Jung
저널 Volume 11(2004), 77-81 page 파일 11-2-77.pdf(75.7K)
키워드 singlet oxygen (1O2) quenching  1O2 reaction rate constant  photooxidation  mycosporine-like amino acid  deoxygadusol


Relationship between Singlet Oxygen Formation and Photolysis of Phloxine B in Aqueous Solutions

저자 Young Soo Keum, Jeong Han Kim, and Qing Xiao Li
저널 Volume 10(2003), 219-223 page 파일 10-3-219.pdf(81.2K)
키워드 Xanthene dye  insecticide  singlet oxygen  phloxine B


Weak Interactions Between Organic Molecules and Alkali Metal Ions Present in Zeolites Help Manipulate the Excited State Behavior of Organic Molecules

저자 V. Ramamurthy
저널 Volume 10(2003), 127-148 page 파일 10-1-127.pdf(798.6K)
키워드 Zeolites  Cation-p interaction  Chiral photochemistry  Singlet oxygen


Explorative and Mechanistic Studies of the Photooxygenation of Sulfides

저자 Angelo Albini and Sergio M. Bonesi
저널 Volume 10(2003), 1-7 page 파일 10-1-1.pdf(100.7K)
키워드 photooxygenation  sulfides  persulfoxide  oxidation  acid catalysis


Photodynamic Therapy-Mediated Temporal Expression of Thymidine Kinase Genes Ligated to the Human Heat Shock Promotor: Preliminary in vitro Model Study of Enhanced Phototoxicity by PDT-Induced Gene Therapy

저자 Mo-Sun Kim, Tae-An Kim and Jong-Ki Kim
저널 Volume 9(2002), 41-44 page 파일 9-3-41.pdf(111.5K)
키워드 PDT  heat shock protein-70 promoter  thymidine kinase  gene therapy


Differential Effects of Herbicidal Compounds on Cytoplasmic Leakages of Green- and White - Maize Leaf Segments

저자 Jin-Seog Kim, Jung Sup Choi, Tae-Joon Kim, Yoonkang Hur and Kwang Yun Cho
저널 Volume 8(2001), 61-66 page 파일 8-1-61.pdf(107.3K)
키워드 Chloroplast - targeting  electrolyte leakage  herbicide screening  light requirement  white leaf


Photocyclization Reactions of (ω-Phthalimidoalkoxy)acetic Acids via Sequential Single Electron Transfer-Decarboxylation Pathways

저자 Ung Chan Yoon, Chan Woo Lee, Sun Wha Oh, Hyun Jin Kim and Sang Jin Lee
저널 Volume 7(2000), 143-148 page 파일 7-4-143.pdf(89.8K)
키워드 photocyclizations  (ω-phthalimidoalkoxy)acetic acids  sequential single electron transferdecarboxylation pathway


Photoreaction of N-(2-Halophenyl)cyclohexanecarboxamide: Synthesis of 2-Alkylbenzoxazole

저자 Yong-Tae Park, Moon-Sub Kim, Young-Woo Kwak, Jae-Keun Lee, and Soo-Dong Yoh, Woo-Sik Kim
저널 Volume 7(2000), 135-138 page 파일 7-4-135.pdf(46.1K)
키워드 2-cyclohexylbenzoxazole  N-(2-halophenyl)cyclohexanecarbox amide  intramolecular photosubstitution  photoreduction  photo-Fries type


Photodynamic Action by Endogenous Non-Chlorophyll Sensitizer As a Cause of Photoinhibition

저자 Hwa-Jin Suh, Chang Sook Kim and Jin Jung
저널 Volume 7(2000), 87-95 page 파일 7-3-87.pdf(424.6K)
키워드 Photoinhibition  Photosystem II  photosensitization  Rieske center  Singlet oxygen
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