Journal of Photosciences

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Structure and Function of the Phytochromes: Light Regulation of Plant Growth and Development

저자 Chung-Mo Park and Pill-Soon Song
저널 Volume 10(2003), 157-164 page 파일 10-1-157.pdf(196.3K)
키워드 G-protein  growth hormone  light  photomorphogenesis  phytochrome  shade avoidance


Decrease of Photochemical Efficiency Induced by Methyl Viologen in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Leaves is Partly due to the Down-Regulation of PSII

저자 Jin-Hong Kim and Choon-Hwan Lee
저널 Volume 9(2002), 65-70 page 파일 9-3-65.pdf(119.8K)
키워드 methyl viologen  chlorophyll fluorescence  down-regulation of PSII  reversible photoinactivation  dark-recovery  photosynthesis


Different Susceptibilities to Low Temperature Photoinhibition in the Photosynthetic Apparatus Among three Cultivars of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

저자 Kwang-Hoon OH, Woo Sung Lee and Choon-Hwan Lee
저널 Volume 8(2001), 105-112 page 파일 8-3-105.pdf(134.0K)
키워드 chilling  chlorophyll fluorescence  cucumber cultivars  photoinhibition  photosynthesis


Screening of Differentially Expressed Genes in Heterosigma akashiwo, a Red-Tide Causing Organism, Induced by Exposure to High Light

저자 Young Seok Ko, Kyung Je Cho and Byoung Yong Moon
저널 Volume 8(2001), 93-97 page 파일 8-3-93.pdf(92.5K)
키워드 Heterosigma akashiwo  DD-PCR  high light  photosynthesis  photoadaptation  red tide  reverse


Inactivation of Photosystem I in Cucumber Leaves Exposed to Paraquat-Induced Oxidative Stress

저자 Sun Mi Choi, Kye Hong Suh, Jae-Sung Kim and Youn-Il Park
저널 Volume 8(2001), 13-17 page 파일 8-1-13.pdf(82.5K)
키워드 Methylviologen  photosystem I  photoinhibition  Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase  Ascorbate peroxidase  cucumber


Photosynthetic Response and Protective Regulation To Ultraviolet-B

저자 Dae Whan Kim, Sung-Soo Jun and Young-Nam Hong
저널 Volume 8(2001), 1-7 page 파일 8-1-1.pdf(138.9K)
키워드 UV-B radiation  pepper  photosynthesis  chlorophyll fluorescence  flavonoid  antioxidant enzyme


Estimation of photosynthetic light use efficiency in a single leaf by analyzing narrow-band spectral reflectance

저자 Kyehong Suh
저널 Volume 7(2000), 139-142 page 파일 7-4-139.pdf(52.0K)
키워드 narrow band  spectral reflectance  photosynthesis  light use efficiency


Photodynamic Action by Endogenous Non-Chlorophyll Sensitizer As a Cause of Photoinhibition

저자 Hwa-Jin Suh, Chang Sook Kim and Jin Jung
저널 Volume 7(2000), 87-95 page 파일 7-3-87.pdf(424.6K)
키워드 Photoinhibition  Photosystem II  photosensitization  Rieske center  Singlet oxygen
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