Journal of Photosciences

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Effects of Parathyroid Hormone on the Fluidity of the Plasma Membrane Vesicles of Cultured Osteoblasts

저자 Jung Sook Kang
저널 Volume 8(2001), 87-92 page 파일 8-3-87.pdf(96.4K)
키워드 parathyroid hormone  membrane fluidity  osteoblasts  fluorescent probe technique


Application of Malononitrile Derivatization Method for Structural Glycomics Study in Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry

저자 Yeong Hee Ahn and Jong Shin Yoo
저널 Volume 8(2001), 83-86 page 파일 8-1-83.pdf(82.6K)
키워드 MALDI-TOF  Malononitrile derivatization  Oligosaccharide  Glycomics  Mass spectrometer


First Hyperpolarizabilities of Heteroaromatic Stilbene Derivatives

저자 Bong Rae Cho, Sang Hae Lee, Yosep Min, Tae Im Kang and Seung Joon Jeon
저널 Volume 8(2001), 79-82 page 파일 8-1-79.pdf(63.8K)
키워드 hyperpolarizability  stilbene derivatives


The Synthesis of Chlorin-based Photosensitizers for Using in Photodynamic Therapy by Modification of Methyl Pyropheophorbide-a

저자 Jin-Jun Wang, Guang-Fan Han and Young Key Shim
저널 Volume 8(2001), 75-78 page 파일 8-1-75.pdf(51.1K)
키워드 Chlorin-based porphyrin  methyl pyropheophorbide-a  Grignard reaction  Photodynamic therapy(PDT)  photosensitizer


The Bromination on Methyl Pyropheophorbide-a for Constructing Chlorin-Bromine Building Block and Its Application

저자 Guang-Fan Han, Jin-Jun Wang and Young Key Shim
저널 Volume 8(2001), 71-73 page 파일 8-1-71.pdf(46.0K)
키워드 Chlorin-bromine building block  malignant tumor  methyl pyropheophorbide-a  Photo-dynamic Therapy(PDT)


Formation and Properties of Enyne Radical Cation

저자 Bang Duk Kim, Sang Chul Shim, Noboyuki Ichinose, Sachiko Tojo and Tetsuro Majima
저널 Volume 8(2001), 67-69 page 파일 8-1-67.pdf(76.6K)
키워드 Radical cation  exciplex  60Co g - radiolysis  pulse radiolysis  enyne


Differential Effects of Herbicidal Compounds on Cytoplasmic Leakages of Green- and White - Maize Leaf Segments

저자 Jin-Seog Kim, Jung Sup Choi, Tae-Joon Kim, Yoonkang Hur and Kwang Yun Cho
저널 Volume 8(2001), 61-66 page 파일 8-1-61.pdf(107.3K)
키워드 Chloroplast - targeting  electrolyte leakage  herbicide screening  light requirement  white leaf


Comparison of ITS (Internal Transcribed Spacer) and 5.8S rDNA Sequences among Varieties and Cultivars in Panax ginseng

저자 Deok Chun Yang, Kye Jin Yang and Eui Soo Yoon
저널 Volume 8(2001), 55-60 page 파일 8-1-55.pdf(117.4K)
키워드 Panax ginseng  variety  cultivar  ITS  5.8S


The Photoinactivation of Photosystem II in Leaves: A Personal Perspective

저자 Wah Soon Chow
저널 Volume 8(2001), 43-53 page 파일 8-1-43.pdf(137.1K)
키워드 photoinactivation  photosystem II


Intercalation of New Bispsoralen Derivatives into DNA

저자 Sung Ki Kim and Sang Chul Shim
저널 Volume 8(2001), 39-41 page 파일 8-1-39.pdf(75.2K)
키워드 Bis(PsCn)PIP (n = 4, 6, 8)  Circular dichroism(CD)  Fluorescence
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