Journal of Photosciences

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Photoinduced Enolization of 2-(Ortho-tolyl)benzofuran-3-one

저자 Eunsook Koh, Bong Ser Park, Hyojeong Yoon and Woo Ki Chae
저널 Volume 9(2002), 13-15 page 파일 9-1-13.pdf(42.8K)
키워드 enolization  benzofuranone


Synthesis of a Porphyrin Derivative Covalently linked to Nickel Aza-macrocycle Complex

저자 Eun Ju Shin and Chee-Hun Kwak
저널 Volume 9(2002), 9-12 page 파일 9-1-9.pdf(74.5K)
키워드 fluorescence  dyad  porphyrin  Ni aza-macrocycle


Photochemical Reactions of Some Carbonyl Compounds with N,N-Dimethylaniline: Formation of b- and g-Hydroxyamines

저자 Sung Sik Kim, Ji Ae Chang and Yoon Jung Mah
저널 Volume 9(2002), 5-7 page 파일 9-1-5.pdf(51.5K)
키워드 anthrone  N,N-dimehylaniline  g-hydroxyamine  b-hydroxyamine


Synthesis and Reactions of Silacyclopropene or 1-Sila-1,2-Propadiene

저자 Seung Ki Park
저널 Volume 9(2002), 1-4 page 파일 9-1-1.pdf(117.7K)
키워드 silacyclopropene  1-sila-1,2-propadiene  intramolecular reaction


Formation of Artificial Lipid Membrane and their Photolysis in Mineral Water including Germanium

저자 JeongJin Lee, Yanghee Kim and Minjoong Yoon
저널 Volume 8(2001), 123-126 page 파일 8-3-123.pdf(78.7K)
키워드 Germanium  superoxide (O2-.)  superoxide dismutase (SOD)  liposome, photolysis


Three-Dimensional Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Studies on the Flavone Cytotoxicity and Binding to Tubulin

저자 Ja Hong Kim, Sung Ho Sohn and Sun Wan Hong
저널 Volume 8(2001), 119-121 page 파일 8-3-119.pdf(85.2K)
키워드 3D-QSAR  CoMFA  flavone cytotoxicity


The Spectral and Thermal Properties of Styrylquinolium Salts for Disc-Recordable Dyes

저자 Dong Hyun Song, Jae Pil Kim, Chul Joo Lee and Ki Hong Park
저널 Volume 8(2001), 113-117 page 파일 8-3-113.pdf(104.8K)
키워드 styryl dyes  counter ions  spectral properties  thermal properties  DVD-R


Different Susceptibilities to Low Temperature Photoinhibition in the Photosynthetic Apparatus Among three Cultivars of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

저자 Kwang-Hoon OH, Woo Sung Lee and Choon-Hwan Lee
저널 Volume 8(2001), 105-112 page 파일 8-3-105.pdf(134.0K)
키워드 chilling  chlorophyll fluorescence  cucumber cultivars  photoinhibition  photosynthesis


Single Electron Transfer Promoted Photocyclization Reactions of (ω-Phthalimidoalkylthio)acetic Acids

저자 Ung Chan Yoon, Sang Jin Lee, Sun Wha Oh and Dae Won Cho
저널 Volume 8(2001), 99-104 page 파일 8-3-99.pdf(117.8K)
키워드 photocyclizations  (w-phthalimidoalkylthio)acetic acids  sequential single electron transfer-decarboxylation


Screening of Differentially Expressed Genes in Heterosigma akashiwo, a Red-Tide Causing Organism, Induced by Exposure to High Light

저자 Young Seok Ko, Kyung Je Cho and Byoung Yong Moon
저널 Volume 8(2001), 93-97 page 파일 8-3-93.pdf(92.5K)
키워드 Heterosigma akashiwo  DD-PCR  high light  photosynthesis  photoadaptation  red tide  reverse
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