Journal of Photosciences

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Decrease of Photochemical Efficiency Induced by Methyl Viologen in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Leaves is Partly due to the Down-Regulation of PSII

저자 Jin-Hong Kim and Choon-Hwan Lee
저널 Volume 9(2002), 65-70 page 파일 9-3-65.pdf(119.8K)
키워드 methyl viologen  chlorophyll fluorescence  down-regulation of PSII  reversible photoinactivation  dark-recovery  photosynthesis


Effects of Oxygen on the Photochemical Behaviors of Methacrylic Homopolymer Containing Anthracene Groups

저자 Yong Woon Kim and Kyu Ho Chae
저널 Volume 9(2002), 57-64 page 파일 9-3-57.pdf(110.7K)
키워드 photosensitive polymer  anthracene homopolymer  photodimerization  photooxidation


Electronic Spectroscopy and Ligand Field Analysis of mer-[Cr(progly)(2,2-tri)]ClO4

저자 Jong-Ha Choi
저널 Volume 9(2002), 51-56 page 파일 9-3-51.pdf(106.0K)
키워드 Chromium(III)  prolylglycinate  electronic transitions  ligand field properties


Mutation, DNA Strand Cleavage and Nitric Oxide Formation Caused by N-nitrosoproline with UVA & UVB

저자 Sakae Arimoto-Kobayashi, Yoshiko Ando, Yumi Horai, Keinosuke Okamoto, Hikoya Hayatsu and Michael H. L. Green
저널 Volume 9(2002), 49-50 page 파일 9-3-49.pdf(32.0K)
키워드 N-Nitrosoproline  UVA  UVB  Mutation  NO formation  8-oxodG  Carcinogenic risk


Photodynamic Therapy-Mediated Temporal Expression of Thymidine Kinase Genes Ligated to the Human Heat Shock Promotor: Preliminary in vitro Model Study of Enhanced Phototoxicity by PDT-Induced Gene Therapy

저자 Mo-Sun Kim, Tae-An Kim and Jong-Ki Kim
저널 Volume 9(2002), 41-44 page 파일 9-3-41.pdf(111.5K)
키워드 PDT  heat shock protein-70 promoter  thymidine kinase  gene therapy


Radiation Biology in Space; DNA Damage and Biological Effects of Space Radiation

저자 Takeo Ohnishi, Akihisa Takahashi and Ken Ohnishi
저널 Volume 9(2002), 37-40 page 파일 9-3-37.pdf(47.7K)
키워드 space radiation  low dose-rate  high linear energy transfer radiations  relative biological effectiveness


Heme Oxygenase Expression in Skin of Hairless Mouse Using Ultraviolet A (320-400 nm) Radiation as an Inducer

저자 Munif Allanson and Vivienne E Reeve
저널 Volume 9(2002), 33-36 page 파일 9-3-33.pdf(57.7K)
키워드 heme oxygenase  RT-PCR  in situ hybridisation  skin  UVA


Estimation of Excited State Dipole Moments of Exalite Dyesby Solvatochromic Shift Studies

저자 Y. F. Nadaf , D. K. Deshpande, A. M. Karguppikar. and S. R. Inamdar
저널 Volume 9(2002), 29-32 page 파일 9-1-29.pdf(110.3K)
키워드 electric dipole moments  exalite dye


Polymaleimide Copolymers with Norbornane units for Polymeric Optical Waveguides

저자 Won Lae Kim, Chul Joo Lee, Kwan Soo Han, Hak Soo Han and Ki Hong Park
저널 Volume 9(2002), 23-28 page 파일 9-1-23.pdf(113.4K)
키워드 low birefringence  norbornane  fluorinated polymers  optical waveguiding  polymaleimide


Photoaddition Reactions of N-Methylthiophthalimide with a-Silyl-nelectron Donors via Single Electron Transfer-Desilylation and Hydrogen Atom Abstraction Pathways

저자 Ung Chan Yoon, Sun Wha Oh, Seong Chul Moon and Tae Gyung Hyung
저널 Volume 9(2002), 17-22 page 파일 9-1-17.pdf(123.3K)
키워드 photoaddition reaction  N-methylthiophthalimide  a-silyl-n-electron donors  single electron transfer  hydrogen atom abstraction
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