Journal of Photosciences

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Regiospecific Protein Perturbation on F NMR Shifts and Photoisomerizationof Fluororhodopsins. An Interpretation Based on Recent Crystal Structures of Rhodopsin

저자 Leticia U. Colmenares and Robert S. H. Liu
저널 Volume 10(2003), 81-87 page 파일 10-1-81.pdf(271.4K)
키워드 Rhodopsin  photoisomerization  F NMR  protein perturbation


Photosensitized Asymmetric Isomerization and Cycloaddition of Cycloalkenes and Cycloalkadienes

저자 Michael Oelgemoller and Yoshihisa Inoue
저널 Volume 10(2003), 71-79 page 파일 10-1-71.pdf(191.7K)
키워드 Asymmetric photosensitized Isomerization and cycloaddition of Cycloalkenes  Cycloalkadienes


Characteristic Reactivities of Some Rearrangeable Ketyl Radicals Generated through Photoinduced Electron Transfer Processes

저자 Eietsu Hasegawa
저널 Volume 10(2003), 61-69 page 파일 10-1-61.pdf(155.5K)
키워드 Photoinduced electron transfer  Ketyl radical  Amine radical cation


The Link Between Stereoselectivity and Spin Selectivity in Intermolecularand Intramolecular Photochemical Reactions

저자 Axel G. Griesbeck
저널 Volume 10(2003), 49-60 page 파일 10-1-49.pdf(392.6K)
키워드 photochemistry  biradicals  spin selectivity  stereoselectivity  Paternò  -Bü  chi reaction  Yang reaction  photocycloaddition  photocyclization


The p-Hydroxyphenacyl Photoremovable Protecting Group

저자 Richard S. Givens and Jong-Ill Lee
저널 Volume 10(2003), 37-48 page 파일 10-1-37.pdf(264.2K)
키워드 p-hydroxyphenacyl  phototriggers  caged compounds  photoremovable protecting groups  neurotransmitters  nucleotides, enzyme switches, GABA  glutamate  ATP  Protein Kinase


Explorations of the Heteroatom Directed Photoarylation Reaction. A Review of the Photoinitiated Intramolecular Cycloaddition Reactions of Ylide Systems

저자 James P. Dittami
저널 Volume 10(2003), 21-35 page 파일 10-1-21.pdf(294.2K)
키워드 Photochemistry  ylide  cycloaddition  photoarylation


Recent Advances in Di-p-methane Processes. Novel Reactions of 1,4-Unsaturated Compounds Promoted by Triplet Sensitization and Photoelectron Transfer

저자 Diego Armesto, Maria J. Ortiz and Antonia R. Agarrabeitia
저널 Volume 9(2002), 9-20 page 파일 10-1-9.pdf(187.0K)
키워드 Di-p-methane rearrangements  Single electron transfer  Radical-cations  Radical-anions  Cyclopropanes  Vinylaziridines


Explorative and Mechanistic Studies of the Photooxygenation of Sulfides

저자 Angelo Albini and Sergio M. Bonesi
저널 Volume 10(2003), 1-7 page 파일 10-1-1.pdf(100.7K)
키워드 photooxygenation  sulfides  persulfoxide  oxidation  acid catalysis


Solubilization by b-Cyclodextrin: A Fluorescence Quenching Study

저자 M. Panda and A. K. Mishra
저널 Volume 9(2002), 75-79 page 파일 9-3-75.pdf(87.1K)
키워드 solubilization  fluorescence quenching  inclusion complex  quenching sphere of action


Fluorescence Tuning Using Conjugated Aromatic Imine Systems

저자 Ki-Hwan Lee, Chang-Shik Choi and Ki-Seok Jeon
저널 Volume 9(2002), 71-74 page 파일 9-3-71.pdf(63.9K)
키워드 fluorescence tuning  one-pot condensation reaction  conjugated aromatic imine derivatives
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