Journal of Photosciences

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Electronic Spectroscopy and Ligand Field Analysis of cis-[Cr(cycb)Cl2]Cl

저자 Jong-Ha Choi, In-Gyung Oh, Subodh Kumar and Keon Sang Ryoo
저널 Volume 11(2004), 19-23 page 파일 11-1-19.pdf(201.9K)
키워드 Chromium(III)  Electronic transitions  AOM parameters, Ligand field properties


Fluorescence Quenching of Bis-msb by Carbon Tetrachloride in Different Solvents

저자 J. Thipperudrappa, D. S. Biradar, M.T. Lagare, S. M. Hanagodimath, S. R. Inamdar and J. S. Kadadevaramath
저널 Volume 11(2004), 11-17 page 파일 11-1-11.pdf(302.4K)
키워드 Fluorescence quenching  BIS-MSB  solvent effect  Finite sink approximation  model  Sphere of action static quenching model


A Smart Fluorescent Macrocycle with Recognition-Ability of the Neutral Molecules

저자 Chang-Shik Choi, Mi-Kyoung Kim, Ki-Seok Jeon, and Ki-Hwan Lee
저널 Volume 11(2004), 7-9 page 파일 11-1-7.pdf(84.8K)
키워드 macrocycle L  fluorescent receptor  neutral molecules  recognition  electron donating group  electron withdrawing group


From Two- To Three-Dimensional Molecular Assemblies for Photoelectric Conversion

저자 Sunao Yamada and Satoshi Nitahara
저널 Volume 11(2004), 1-6 page 파일 11-1-1.pdf(1.7M)
키워드 Photoinduced electron-transfer  Self-assembled monolayers  Photoelectric conversion  gold nanoparticles  surface sol-gel process


Photoluminescence Tuning of Porous Silicon by Electrochemical Etching in Mixed Electrolytes

저자 Ki-Hwan Lee, Ki-Seok Jeon, Seung-Koo Lee and Chang-Shik Choi
저널 Volume 10(2003), 257-261 page 파일 10-3-257.pdf(159.5K)
키워드 porous silicon  photoluminescence tuning  etching solution


An approach to Photorefractive Device Fabrication Utilizing Crosslinking Systems

저자 Sang Chul Suh, Sang Chul Shim, and Dong Jin Yoo
저널 Volume 10(2003), 251-255 page 파일 10-3-251.pdf(75.0K)
키워드 Photorefractivity  Crosslinking  Poling  Composite


Cloning and characterization of the psbA Gene from Panax ginseng (Characterization of the psbA Gene from P. ginseng)

저자 Won-Kyu Lee and Gun-Sik Tae
저널 Volume 10(2003), 245-249 page 파일 10-3-245.pdf(144.3K)
키워드 psbA  photosystem II  Panax ginseng  transcription  light intensity


Photochemical Ring-Opening of Acid Anhydrides by TiO2 Photocatalyst in Methanol

저자 Sung Sik Kim, Yoon Jung Mah, Hye Jong Lee, and Sang Kyu Park
저널 Volume 10(2003), 241-243 page 파일 10-3-241.pdf(50.4K)
키워드 TiO2  succinic anhydride  phthalic anhydride  maleic anhydride  photoreacton


Specific Targeting of Fluorescein Isothiocyanate with Ep-CAM Antibody (Specific targeting of FITC with Ep-CAM Antibody)

저자 Young-Tae Lee and Gun-Sik Tae
저널 Volume 10(2003), 237-240 page 파일 10-3-237.pdf(115.2K)
키워드 photosensitizer  photodynamic therapy  Ep-CAM antibody  FITC


Photocatalytic effects of heteropolytungstic acid - encapsulated TiSBA-15 on decomposition of phenol in water

저자 Sambandam Anandan, Minjoong Yoon, and Sang-Eon Park
저널 Volume 10(2003), 231-236 page 파일 10-3-231.pdf(104.7K)
키워드 TiSBA-15  Heteropolyacid  Photocatalytic reaction  Phenol
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