Journal of Photosciences

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Photografting of Polystyrene: III. Preparation of Chemically Modified Polystyrene Containing Oxime-Ester Groups and its Photografting with Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate

저자 Kyung Hwan Lee, Gum Ju Sun, and Kyu Ho Chae
저널 Volume 7(2000), 149-152 page 파일 7-4-149.pdf(81.1K)
키워드 photografting  chemical modification  modified polystyrene  oxime-ester  HEMA photografted polystyrene


Photocyclization Reactions of (ω-Phthalimidoalkoxy)acetic Acids via Sequential Single Electron Transfer-Decarboxylation Pathways

저자 Ung Chan Yoon, Chan Woo Lee, Sun Wha Oh, Hyun Jin Kim and Sang Jin Lee
저널 Volume 7(2000), 143-148 page 파일 7-4-143.pdf(89.8K)
키워드 photocyclizations  (ω-phthalimidoalkoxy)acetic acids  sequential single electron transferdecarboxylation pathway


Estimation of photosynthetic light use efficiency in a single leaf by analyzing narrow-band spectral reflectance

저자 Kyehong Suh
저널 Volume 7(2000), 139-142 page 파일 7-4-139.pdf(52.0K)
키워드 narrow band  spectral reflectance  photosynthesis  light use efficiency


Photoreaction of N-(2-Halophenyl)cyclohexanecarboxamide: Synthesis of 2-Alkylbenzoxazole

저자 Yong-Tae Park, Moon-Sub Kim, Young-Woo Kwak, Jae-Keun Lee, and Soo-Dong Yoh, Woo-Sik Kim
저널 Volume 7(2000), 135-138 page 파일 7-4-135.pdf(46.1K)
키워드 2-cyclohexylbenzoxazole  N-(2-halophenyl)cyclohexanecarbox amide  intramolecular photosubstitution  photoreduction  photo-Fries type


Photochromism of A Styrene-Derived Polymer Having Pendant Phenoxyanthraquinones

저자 Sang Yong Ju, Kwang-Duk Ahn, Dong Keun Han, Dong Hack Suh and Jong-Man Kim
저널 Volume 7(2000), 131-133 page 파일 7-4-131.pdf(60.8K)
키워드 Photochromism  Polymer  Phenoxyanthraquinone


A GSK-3/SHAGGY-Related Protein Kinase is Involved in Phytochrome Signal Transduction Pathway

저자 Su-Nam Kwak, Sam-Geun Kong, Tae-Ryong Hahn and In-Soo Kim
저널 Volume 7(2000), 123-128 page 파일 7-3-123.pdf(351.9K)
키워드 ASK  kinase  phosphoprotein  phytochrome  70 kDa protein  transgenic rice


Synergism Between Zinc and Taurine in the Visual Sensitivity of the Bullfrog's Eye

저자 Hyun Jung Kim and You Young Kim
저널 Volume 7(2000), 115-121 page 파일 7-3-115.pdf(104.0K)
키워드 bullfrog  electroretinogram (ERG)  retina  retinal pigment epithelium (RPE)  taurine  zinc


Photochemical Formation of 3-Methoxycyclohex-2-en-1-ones from 1,3-Cyclohexanedione and 2-Allyl-3-hydroxycyclohex-2-en-1-one in Methanol in the Presence of Quinones

저자 Sung Sik Kim, Ji Ae Chang, Ae Rhan Kim, Yoon Jung Mah, Hyun Jin Kim, and Chan Kang
저널 Volume 7(2000), 111-114 page 파일 7-3-111.pdf(50.1K)
키워드 1,3-cyclohexanedione  p-benzoquinone  electron transfer


Photoinduced Rearrangement of 2-Phenyl-4-alkylidene-5(4H)-Oxazolones to Benzoyl Acetonitriles via 1,3-Benzoyl Shift of N-Benzoyl Ketenimines

저자 Bong Ser Park and Chul Min Oh
저널 Volume 7(2000), 109-110 page 파일 7-3-109.pdf(28.7K)
키워드 oxazolone  ketenimine  rearrangement  1,3-shift  decarbonylation


Random Insertional Mutagenesis with Subtracted cDNA Fragments in Arabidopsis thaliana

저자 Euna Cho, Young Myung Kwon, Ilha Lee
저널 Volume 7(2000), 103-108 page 파일 7-3-103.pdf(529.1K)
키워드 Random insertional mutagenesis  cDNA subtraction  antisense  posttranscriptional gene silencing
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